Apr 26th 2019 to Jun 15th 2019

curated by Yang Zi


UPCOMING / OPENING Thursday 25th of April at 5:30 pm



XC.HuA Gallery is pleased to present Wu Wei’s new solo exhibition, “The Gigantic”, curated by Yang Zi (Ullens Center of Contemporary Art). The exhibition opens on April 25, 2019, at 5.30 pm at XC.HuA Berlin in Potsdamer Str. 81 b.


Wu Wei adopted industrial and handcrafted materials to produce a series of artistic modules which he assigns a specific spatial relationship within the physical gallery space. After assigning analogous vocabulary to these modules – for example, ‘protection’, ‘union’ or ‘shelter’, his installation enters into the realm of metaphor. Hence, the exhibition is able to establish connections between multiple narrative units.


The Chinese title of this exhibition, “Longbo” refers to the state of giants in Chinese traditional myth. According to which, the people of this state “grew to be 100 meters tall and lived for eight to ten thousand years” (Records of Diverse Matters), one of whom caught the six-foot giant turtle who maintained order for the heavenly emperor (Liezi·Tangwen). His rebellious and defiant qualities were especially remarkable. Wu Wei's new works establish a mental connection reminiscent of the legendary warfare from the ancient cold weapon age through the use of garish red for the titles (‘aggression’, ‘shield’, ‘lifeline’, ‘defense’, etc.) and the surface of the art pieces. 


In spite of its illustrative qualities, the artistic modules in "The Gigantic" are not new semiotic icons, nor are the visual representations they form replacements for text. What the exhibition aims at, is to present a linguistic system that consists of a set of images, notions, materials and ethnic myths, to convey an image of the world under constant transformation which the giant of the Longbo State had envisioned. For this reason, Wu Wei's works relate to the state of the world at present.