Season's Greetings

XC.HuA Gallery wishes you the best and happiest of holidays and an excellent New year. We hope you will be visiting us again in 2019.

Our gallery in Berlin is closed from Sunday 23 December 2018 until Friday 04 January 2019.

In Beijing we are closing from Sunday 23 December until Wednesday 26 December 2018.

Oskar Giannakoudakis & Dafei | Index 1/2

XC. HuA Beijing is delighted to present the art project “Index 1/2” together with the Icelandic artist Georg Oskar Giannakoudakis and Chinese artist Dafei. The exhibition will be shown in the form of a documentary guide. The project will display the aesthetic language of the two artists to the audience in an unconventional way. Exploring the possibility of the “real world” through the various creative techniques of the two artists who represent different cultural backgrounds, the exhibition explores the creation of similar, but distinct intercommunication in different time and space contexts.


Paraffin Object

XC.HuA+ is thrilled to present its premier project, Paraffin Object, featuring refined, intimate art objects produced by Dorothea Reese-Heim from her ongoing series ‘Versiegelte Schriften’.

Dorothea Reese-Heim’s unique style is based on her approach to material in relation to form, shape and presentation-techniques. With ‘Versiegelte Schriften’ the artist presents a prolonged investigation into working with books and other paper related objects, as a means of artistic expression. This series dates back to the early 2000’s; it is the result of extensive experimentation and manipulating books, pages and paper into objects of exaggerated, elevated meaning. 


Green Go Home: collaborative installation by Tomas Vu & Rikrit Tiravanija

Green Go Home, a collaborative installation by Tomas Vu and Rirkrit Tiravanija consisting of prints, texts and graffiti over portraits, is inspired by the spirit of resistance that lies at the root of these origin stories. Whether or not these theories are true, the rebellious gesture that they represent resonates profoundly not just in Latin America, but all over the world. Green Go Home, first presented at the Colombia-America library in Bogotá, Colombia, exposes the underlying subtext of U.S. interventions and colonialist attitudes towards Latin American: an antagonism that has cost many lives and much strife. In each installment, Green Go Home invokes the spirit of rebellion against the invader, the colonial power and the repressive government to investigate the layers of interpretation, readings and misunderstandings of resistance.


Interview with Dorothea Reese-Heim

In preparation for Dorothea Reese-Heim’s premier solo exhibition at the XC.HuA Gallery Berlin the XC.HuA team sat down with the artist to inquire into and reflect on her astonishing artistic career which has been three decades in the making.            


New Artist

XC. HuA Gallery is pleased to announce that the gallery will be the new agent of Dorothea Reese-Heim. During her lengthy career the artist has always been committed to the forefront of  exploration and theoretical research in terms of contemporary art. XC HuA Gallery will be hosting  Reese-Heim's solo exhibition in Berlin during the month of September 2018.


Matt Hope at the Honkun Museum of art in Beijing

Matt Hope is currently participating in the group exhibition 'Final del Juego' at the Honkun Museum in Beijing

Matt Hope: Studio Visit

The studio is an important privatespace for artists. Here, the artist is infinitely close to complete freedom, free to imagine and express himself; it is closely connected with the artist's spiritual world. The design and arrangement of the studio can also show the artist's unique artistic concept.


XC. HuA+

XC.HuA Gallery is pleased to announce that XC.HuA Berlin will be extended and upgraded during the summer break of 2018.