Through her multi-disciplinary work, Vanessa Enriquez investigates consciousness and the true nature of reality. It is a personal quest to develop the ears to hear the symphony of geometry that interconnects things. Central to her work is using drawing as a contemplative and inquisitive practice. On the one hand, a technique through which to explore consciousness through repetitive and rigorous gestures; on the other, a method to process concepts and phenomenon proposed by physics and non-dual philosophies. Her drawings act like conceptual models of thought. Their basis are texts that have been processed through the use of line. With tools ranging from ink to magnetic tape, Enriquez unfolds topographies and geometries whether on paper or in space that reference the multi-dimensional nature of reality, acknowledge the material as well as the immaterial and challenge the viewer’s perception. The resulting cartographies and morphologies seemingly in the process of becoming or unfolding develop a correlation between literal and metaphorical, micro and macro, plan and improvisation, noise and stillness. These paradoxes resonate with two of her major influences: Buddhism and science.



Master in Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT, USA


Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

Solo Exhibitions


Apparition, Berlin-Weekly, Berlin, Germany

Transverberation, Auferstehungskirche Arnsberg, Germany


Fluctuations, Circuito Open of Rimini Drawing Biennial, PrimoPiano Gallery, Rimini, Italy

Supersymmetry, Sonntag, Berlin, Germany

PLAZEBO, AquabitArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany (with J. MAYER H.)

Silence Unravelled, Agora – Center for Contemporary Practices, Berlin, Germany


Ending Time, Glashaus auf dem Friedrichswerderschen Friedhof, Berlin, Germany

Genes(is) – Music of the Spheres, Lilienkulturgarten, Berlin, Germany


For once, then, something, Berlinerpool, Berlin, Germany (with Ali Dolanbay and Jaanika Peerna)

Zirkel (1+2), AC Insitute, New York, NY, USA (with Ilya Noé)


Zirkel 2.0, Galerie Kollaborativ, Berlin, Germany (with Ilya Noé)

Zirkel 1.0, Botschaft von Mexiko, Berlin, Germany (with Ilya Noé)

Residues, XXX Gallery, Hong Kong


Black Passage, Golden Parachutes, Berlin, Germany

Group exhibitions


Active Texture – between Text and Textile, XC.HuA Gallery, Berlin


Konjunktionen, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin

Deteniendo el Infinito, Capilla del Arte UDLAP, Puebla, Mexico


Przezrocze, SiC! Gallery, Breslau, Poland

Social Geometrism, Reinbeckhallen, Berlin, Germany


Ocio, Casa de las Culturas Contemporáneas, Puebla, Mexico

Draw to Perform3, Crows Nest Gallery, London, UK

Latitudes of Embrace, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

On Site in 16 Cities, Kosmetic Salon Babette, Berlin, Germany

The Sea, GroupGlobal 3000, Berlin, Germany


BAiR Aware, Banff Centre Project Space, Banff, Canada

Ex und Hopp?, aquabitArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

FRIDGE, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Anonyme Zeichner, Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin, Germany

The Open West, The Wilson | Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, Cheltenham, UK


disCONNECT, João Cocteau, Berlin, Germany

Drawing Connections, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, USA


Renaissance, Felliny Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Urban Calligraphies 10 x 10, Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca, Mexico

Urban Calligraphies 10 x 10, Museo de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico


Acróstico – Mexican contemporary drawing, Botschaft von Mexiko, Berlin, Germany


Made in Chinga, OUT, Mexico City, Mexico

    Active Texture - between Text and Textile

    Mar 16th 2019 to Apr 13th 2019, Berlin